I was introduced to P-Production by a photographer whom I had known previously during my years as the dean in the department of psychology of Tarumanagara.  Following my election as the rector of the university we were planning to set up various programs that needed documentations, and the photographer asked me to also include filming various occassions which ended up by introducing Mr. Piet Kalalo Sengkey, the owner of the P-Production. I had no idea how he had developed his work quality, but I trusted the photographer whom I had known for years. He knew me well, and I believed he would not introduced me to someone with a poor quality of work.

It was true. P-production impressed me with their coverage on a national day on October 28, 2008, and so I offered the next
project for the Graduation Day in October 2008, in the Convention Hall, Jakarta. This kind of coverage was the first time ever in
Tarumanagara, and the result amazed the Tarumanagara leaders. The angle of coverage, the close-ups, the selected scenes, and all the editorial were superb! Perhaps none of Indonesian university has ever done such coverage for the Day of the Commencement.

The next project was our university choir performance to celebrate Christmas 2008; they were about performing Little Jazz Mass, which had been postponed for two years due to various limitations. Prior to the program, we were also preparing to print out posters, catalogues, and setting up special effect instruments to support the show. Mr. Sengkey was highly dedicated to also be there not only to cover up the filming but also helping us hand in hand from day to day basis with high professionalism. The result was unquestionably a historical recording for Tarumanagara University Student Choir. Just like the first commencement DVD, this too became the first Tarumanagara University Student Choir DVD with high class quality, and ready for television broadcast.  Again, perhaps none of Indonesian university student choir has had such recording quality on their performance.

During the Java-Bali Choir tour 2009, Mr. Sengkey also came along with us as the vidographer, and when the selected members of the choir was about to attend an international festival in Europe (Venice, Italy) , we also give the trust to Mr. Sengkey to be our videographer. His presence in the choir not only function as professional videographer but also increase the members motivation to perform well in almost every moment for they realized that they wanted to appear good in the recording as good as in the reality.

Another historical coverage was produced by P-Production with high professionalism quality. From the Java-Bali roads and ethnic atmosphere up to the beauty of Venetian gondolas, and even the climate of Piazza San Marco were visualized so well, and the sound  from the echoes of Protestant Church in Semarang, to the San Moise Church in Venice were recorded superbly. P-Production has performed a high quality professional recordings.

There are many more recordings that P-Production has produced for Tarumanagara University and student activities. A part of the University Profile recording has been broadcasted at the national airport. P-Production produced ready to broadcast production, the artistic angle of viewing, the sharpness of close-ups, and the scenic editorial is highly praised. The high dedication team work is extremely professional, and some of their works as the proof may been accessible by connecting to their websites. To my personal evaluation, the way the P-Production conducts their job is highly professional with high dedication and highly recommended. It is difficult to surpassed.

I must admit that Tarumanagara University would not have such high quality documentation on films without P-Production. The capturing of memorable moments of Tarumanagara by P-Production during 2008-2010 will always be remembered. All the productions on behalf of Tarumanagara and the Students of Tarumanagara within these years may be among the best, and perhaps even the best ever that Tarumanagara has. The university suppose to thank P-Production for capturing such beautiful documentation.

 And I personally want to say thank you with high appreciation for such superb job quality all these years!!

Dr. Monty P. Satiadarma, MS/AT, MCP/ MFCC, DCH, Psi
Psychologist, Art Therapist, Family Therapist, Hypnotherapist
Dean of Psychology Tarumanagara University 1997-2006
Rector Tarumanagara University 2008-2010


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